Meet the leadership team

Meet the leadership team

Keith Lowry

Keith Lowry

Chief Executive Officer

Keith leads the Precision Marketing team. He played the key role in establishing the business and developing programs across Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Korea and Hong Kong. Across the past two decades, Keith has held senior management positions at numerous global financial services organisations, successfully developing and managing prominent financial services marketing programs throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Keith's vision is to provide transformational business solutions that offer real value to our partners and ultimately, the end customer, sharing his global experience and creative insight along the way.

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Grant Thomas

Grant Thomas

Senior Vice President

Grant has over 16 years experience in developing direct marketing programs with banks, credit card companies and retailers throughout Australia, Europe and Asia. Grant plays a key role in sourcing and developing opportunities in our existing and new markets. He also oversees management of the key business functions with new partner relationships, and works with all parties to define the commercial operating arrangement, ensuring a long term profitable position is achieved.

His deep understanding of marketing and operations functionality provides our business partners with the information and practical ability to get optimum benefit from the agreed consulting and marketing solution.

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Scott Tucker

Anthony Metti

Chief Financial Officer

Anthony is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience, in the early part of his career with Deloitte Sydney, Financial Services for 11 years.

Anthony later moved to London where he held various senior management roles for Private Equity backed businesses, overseeing strong operational growth and assisting with mergers and acquisitions in Host Europe Group (Europe’s second largest Internet hosting provider).

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Mark Metcalfe

Mark Metcalfe

Managing Director, Indonesia

Mark is responsible for all in-country operations for our fast-growing Indonesian operation, situated in Jakarta. Mark’s on the ground experience and extensive knowledge of life and general insurance distribution in Asia has helped him develop strong market relationships, having lived and worked for over 14 years in Australia, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Mark and his team bring considerable expertise in acquiring and implementing highly successful multi-product, multi-channel programs with our Indonesian business partners, from initial concept, through to launch and ongoing program management.

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Yasuaki Okamoto

Yoichi Hirabayashi

CEO, Japan

Yoichi has over 25 years of experience with a large multinational financial services organization, developing and implementing business strategies across sales and marketing to drive strong revenue growth.

With his knowledge and insights in the credit card market, target segmentation and distribution channels, Yoichi became Vice President, managing over 400 people to deliver significant improvement in performance.

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Vincent Tevanotai

Vincent Tevanotai

Chief Operations Officer

Vincent has over 10 years working experience in operating, consulting and delivering customer intelligence solutions and customer data management projects for clients in insurance, banking, telecom, retail and government sectors.

Vincent manages the delivery and operation of the Campaign Factory platform across the region. Specifically, this involves project planning, solution design and data mining for business partners. Vincent has had considerable experience in the sale and implementation of multi-channel campaign management systems, primarily within large financial services organisations and telecom start-ups.

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