About us

About us

Precision Marketing Asia Pacific provide full spectrum data-driven marketing solutions to banks, insurance companies, retailers and healthcare organisations across the Asia-Pacific region.

With an established presence in Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan, our network has the ability to extend through to adjacent markets within the region.

You can be confident your business is in safe hands. Our team of marketing and operations professionals span the Asia-Pacific region and operate in an environment that promotes tactical involvement from our partners, open communication and continual transfer of knowledge. The end result is the potential to transform your financial services marketing programs, increasing the value of your portfolio whilst providing a first-class service experience for your customers.

Our consulting solutions are underpinned by a data driven technology based marketing platform we call the Campaign Factory, where together with your business team, sustainable and long-term financial services distribution programs can be applied.

And with flexibility being the focus, we'll work with your organisation to develop a commercial arrangement that ensures the interests of all parties are aligned. Numerous compensation scenarios can be explored to help meet your business objectives, such as full or part funding of marketing costs, risk-reward scenarios or fee based arrangements.